kestigian-copy-1.jpgI am a sixth year graduate student in the Department of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I’m pursuing a PhD. Before coming to Carnegie Mellon, I completed a BA with majors in Philosophy and Mathematics at Wheaton College, a co-educational, non-denominational liberal arts school in Norton, Massachusetts.

My research focuses on ethical and mathematical questions surrounding democratic voting. In particular, I’m interested in the question of whether voters in democratic societies have a duty to vote a particular way, or consult particular kinds of motivations or information when they make their vote choice. My dissertation will address this question by bringing together normative and empirical work on voting behavior. I’m also interested in medical ethics and research ethics, and have published papers that (generally speaking) address the ethical principles that ought to shape the physician-patient and researcher-research subject relationships. You can read about all of these projects in greater detail on my research page.

At Carnegie Mellon, I have taught several courses related to my research interests. I take great joy in teaching political theory and ethics to undergraduates. On my teaching page, you can view my teaching portfolio, which includes a list of courses taught, my course syllabi, statement on teaching philosophy, and course reviews.

For a summary of my research and teaching activities, please see my CV.

Thank you for visiting my site! Please feel free to send me a message at: akestigian (at) cmu (dot) edu.